Buy Amoxil (Amoxicillin)

According to the FDA researches, Amoxil belongs to pharmaceutical products that have proved their efficacy during the last 45 years. It is an antibiotic that has a destructive influence on different bacteria. It is effective against respiratory infections and diseases caused by bacteria in other parts of the body (eyes, ears, skin, nose, urinary tract, etc.). Scientists also add it to the list of anti-borreliosis medicines. 

Amoxil 250mg

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The drug must not be taken in case of virus infections. It works only on bacteria and has nothing to do with viruses! The drug is usually included in a complex therapy or is used with other antibiotics to provide a wider spectrum of action.

Preventive Measures for Patients Who Take Amoxil

Patients should take antibiotics carefully. Self-treatment is dangerous for human health. There are several important things a person should consider before taking Amoxil.

  • Medical Check

If patients take the drug without a doctor’s advice, they risk getting serious adverse effects. The medicine can interact with other drugs and diseases a person already has. That is why a health advisor must give a prescription to a patient. An expert considers other substances and food a person is using to prevent contradiction.

  • Allergy

A person might be allergic to drugs of the penicillin group. If you belong to them, you should inform your GP about that and he/she will select another antibiotic.

  • Pregnancy and Lactation

The lab tests made by the FDA and other health organizations proved that the drug can impact a child when it is in a mother’s womb. Moreover, a kid can consume the drug together with a mother’s milk. So, only a health expert can decide whether it is safe to take Amoxil for expectant and breastfeeding women. A specialist considers all the pros and cons before prescribing a drug.

  • Heath Disorders

Patients with kidney, stomach, and liver failures, asthma, mono, and cardiovascular problems must be careful and watch over their health condition during treatment. Only a health advisor can decide whether this medicine is harmful or beneficial for a patient with such disorders. 

  • Contraception

Women who are not willing to conceive must be careful when combining Amoxil with oral contraception. According to the research, the antibiotic affects the work of OC. Women should discuss other variants such as condoms, vaginal tools, and other non-hormonal methods with their gynecologists.

  • Treatment Duration

Another thing to regard is the length of treatment. Patients usually get rid of symptoms in a couple of days. Nevertheless, one should not stop taking the drug earlier. A person begins to feel better, and it means that the treatment works. But medicine needs more time to kill the infection completely. If a patient interrupts the medication, symptoms can return.

  • Resistance

When a person buys and takes antibiotics without the control of professionals, the body might become resistant to Amoxil. Later, it will be hard for specialists to find an antibiotic that will be able to cope even with simple bacteria. So, one should be careful and take the drug only when needed.

  • Diet

A person should know that Amoxil can provoke stomach upset. Besides, it makes the body weaker, and yeast infections might grow. So, it is better to avoid sweets, yeast products, and take probiotics to support the immune system.

How to Use the Drug?

A health expert is the only person who can decide what dose to take. It depends on the disease a person is suffering from. For example, an ear infection might need a dose every 8-12 hours. More severe diseases such as Lyme require bigger doses during the first days of the treatment, and the treatment duration usually lasts longer.  

For example, bronchitis can be treated within a week while borreliosis needs from 14 to 28 days of the drug intake. Adults and children with over 40 kilograms need from 250 to 875 mg of the drug every 8-12 hours. Children take 20-40 mg or 25-45 mg per kilogram.  H. pylori and gonorrhea require higher doses: 1000 mg for adults and 50 mg per kilogram for kids in combination with other drugs. 

There are two release forms of Amoxil. One can find pills and powder for a suspension. Adults usually take pills while a suspension is a better variant for children and older persons who cannot swallow a pill. Tablets are not to be chewed. Suspension is to be measured with the help of a measuring tool, not a tablespoon, because kitchen spoons might be of different sizes. 

Scientists recommend creating a schedule and taking the antibiotic at the same time daily. One should not miss a dose because it might lead to resistance. As a result, infection will remain in the body, and it will be hard to kill it.

Adverse Effects of Amoxil

Just like any antibiotic, Amoxil can provoke negative effects on the human body. The most common side effects are:

  • stomach problems, including indigestion and pain;
  • abnormal gasses in a colon,
  • nose, anal, gum bleeding,
  • fever-like symptoms,
  • vertigo,
  • pain in the whole body,
  • nausea and vomit,
  • allergy and eye sensitivity,
  • difficulty breathing.

Some side reactions pass after a person cancels the drug intake. Other negative reactions need more attention because they do not pass without medication. A patient should keep in touch with a health advisor because it is the best way to keep the disease under control. Besides, some infections are toxic, so a person requires a detox program. 

One should also know that it is necessary to go on taking probiotics and keep to a low-carb diet some time after one stops taking Amoxil. It will help the body cope with the disease and not let side effects be apparent. The stomach and microflora are usually hurt by the drug, so they need support to recover during and after the last dose. The same one should say about the liver. 

In case a person cannot stand the adverse reaction of the treatment, it is necessary to call a doctor or 911 to get help. Procrastination might result in a lethal outcome.