Shipping Details

We collaborate with trustable delivery companies who take care of each parcel and store goods at the correct temperature and humidity. You can entrust your orders to two delivery organizations:

  • Express Courier
  • Regular Airmail

If our customers want to get their products as soon as possible, we recommend choosing Express Courier. The company charges up to $30 per delivery, but the speed is impressive and makes up from a week to two weeks.

If clients can wait a bit, our online consultants will recommend preferring Regular Airmail. Their regular cost is only $10, but the waiting period takes more time compared to the previous service. A person can get the parcel either in 21 days or in a month depending on the distance and the load of the company.

It does not matter what method one will choose. The price and speed do not affect the quality of the product or the shipping conditions. One should consider personal circumstances that include the emergency and the price. It is also necessary to pay attention to the location. If you are a US citizen, both methods will fit you. If you are a resident of another country, only Regular Airmail will be available to you.

Speaking about Express Courier, it offers a number of advantages to American customers. Our clients enjoy the following benefits for some extra pay:

  • tracking option to know where the parcel is at the moment;
  • changing the delivery route at the last minute;
  • extra-quick 24-hour delivery to the apartment.

We are reliable, fair, and caring. Order now to test our service and stay healthy!