Buy Ivermectin (Stromectol)

Ivermectin is a universal drug. It is used by vets and doctors to remove parasites from the organism of people and animals. The dose varies because everything depends on the health condition, complexity, and duration of the disease. The medicine copes mainly with roundworms. When parasites die, their dead bodies become toxic. So, it is necessary to keep to a diet, drink enough water, and follow a specialist’s recommendations to get the best treatment result.

Ivermectin: 3mg

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Ivermectin: 6mg

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Ivermectin: 12mg

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Against What Diagnoses is Ivermectin Effective?

Specialists who work with patients can use Ivermectin in two cases:

  • strongyloidiasis 
  • onchocerciasis

The first case deals with parasites that might provoke severe upset stomach, bloating, allergic reaction, abdominal pain, and heartburn. Some patients get worms and do not experience any symptoms. Only lab analyses help them reveal the disease.

The second case hurts a patient’s vision. People call it river blindness. The typical symptoms are itchy rash and vision problems. 

As a rule, patients take pills to cope with the problem from the inside. Some conditions such as head lice and scabies can be treated by topical medicine.

Veterinarians use it to treat animals that suffer from parasites and heartworm. Doctors warn patients not to take the medicine without a specialist’s supervision. The drug was merely invented for animal organisms. Later, doctors found a positive influence of the drug on a human body that was hurt by parasites. So, a dose must be decided by a specialist only.

Side Effects One Might Experience When Taking Ivermectin

If a person experiences any adverse reactions when taking Ivermectin, he or she should inform a health advisor. A doctor evaluates risks and either corrects the dose or prescribes another drug. The drug can cause the following negative effects on your organism:

  • digestive problems
  • headache
  • body pains in abdominal and skeletal muscle and joints
  • loss of appetite
  • sickness and throwing up
  • tremor

Sometimes the drug intake results in more severe side effects. If a patient feels dizzy, has vision and breathing problems, uncontrolled defecation, stroke-like symptoms, or allergic reactions (swelling, itching, red skin), it is a must to stop taking the drug and visit a specialist.

Drug Release Form

One can find three release forms of Ivermectin. 

  • topical (lotion)
  • pills
  • liquid for injections

The selection of a form depends on the disease a person has. For example, a lotion is a good solution for those who have skin parasites. Pills are prescribed to those who have roundworms inside the body. Speaking about injections, they are usually given only to animals. Though, there are clinical trials where Ivermectin shots are a part of complex treatment. 

To avoid the undesired side effects, one should not take the medicine without the doctor’s control. 

When and How to Take the Prescribed Drug?

A person can have different symptoms that signal the presence of parasites in the body. Before a doctor prescribes Ivermectin, he or she will make several tests (blood, scrape, or fecal) to confirm the diagnosis. 

After that, a patient must tell about all health problems, including allergy reactions, problems with digestive organs, mention breastfeeding period, pregnancy, and other details. Besides, it is necessary to inform a health advisor about other medicines, dieting, and supplements a patient is taking or has taken recently. Bad habits such as alcohol intake and nicotine dependence might affect the treatment. So, a person should mention them as well. This information will help an expert to decide the correct dose and form of a drug.

To get the desired effect, a patient must follow the recommendations of a health advisor. There are five basic rules of Ivermectin intake.

  1. Take it on an empty stomach and do not eat half an hour after that.
  2. Never take pills with food.
  3. If you have forgotten to take a pill before meals, it is possible to take it two hours after breakfast.
  4. Never increase or decrease the dose independently.
  5. Take pills only with a full glass of water and never take it with other drinks.

One more essential thing is to take pills as long as the doctor tells. If you stop taking the drug earlier, roundworms might remain in the organism. If one takes the pills longer, there might be side effects and severe intoxication.

Speaking about lotions, there are two possible variants. The first one is an antibiotic with Ivermectin as a supplementary component. It is used as a complex treatment tool when the skin is affected by parasites and infection. The second one is a lotion whose main component is Ivermectin. It is against parasites only. The dose and frequency of use depend on the disease and the results of medical tests. 

To conclude, Ivermectin belongs to anti-parasite medicine that is released in three forms. One should consult a health specialist to find out the correct dose and the duration of the treatment to prevent adverse effects and make sure that the medicine will cope with the health problem effectively. 

If the drug does not fit a person, a physician will search for an alternative type of medication or analogs.